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Family owned and operated since 1975, Auto Value is proud to be Alberta's leading automotive parts retailer dedicated to quality auto parts and customer service.

Starting out as a small store in the Calgary community of Forest Lawn, the first Auto Value store was opened. Now, over thirty years later, this small family operation has grown into 11 Auto Value parts stores and a large distribution warehouse, employing over 200 people!

Centrally located in Calgary, this 60,000+ square foot warehouse supplies aftermarket auto parts and accessories to hundreds of parts stores and distributors throughout central and southern Alberta.

State of the art design with 3 levels of racking, multiple conveyors and electronic scanning technology makes Central Auto Parts an advanced warehouse facility.

34 Highfield Circle SE Calgary, Alberta  T2G 5N5
Phone (403) 259-8655
Fax (403) 214-1585
Toll Free (888) 387-4114
Toll Free (888) 242-2425

North American PurchasingInternational Purchasing Power!

Auto Value Alberta is proud to be an elite member of the auto parts heavyweight, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance. The Alliance is one of the largest auto parts distribution and marketing organizations in the world, assisting thousands of independent parts retailers and service providers in Canada, the US and Mexico.

It's this partnership that provides Auto Value with the “muscle” we need to purchase auto parts and accessories at a reasonable price. What does this mean for you? With Auto Value, you too have access to hundreds of thousands of auto parts at the lowest possible prices! When we save money, you save money!

Just another reason to keep Auto Value at the top of your list for aftermarket auto parts and accessories.


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Auto Value is 100% Alberta, Canada Owned & Operated