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We're here for you!

Our Auto Value team is filled with friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff! Whether you know the exact part you're looking for or you have no clue where to begin, our trained and certified parts counter staff can help you out. With access to thousands of parts at our fingertips, we can quickly and accurately find the parts you need to get your repair job going.

If for some reason we cannot help you with your repair need, we will happily refer you to a member within our vast network of professional service centres and specialty stores.

Many of our counter staff are ASE trained and certified. ASE's mission is to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through the testing and certification of repair and service professionals.

Automotive Service Excellence

As the cost of goods & services rise, Auto Value wants to make sure that you know there is someone on your side. Let us help take some of the sting out of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle with our range of free services, including:

Please note that some services are only available at select locations, so call ahead to make sure that your nearest location can help.

Battery Testing

Let us help you make sure that you're fixing the right problem, the first time. Simply remove the battery from your vehicle, bring it in to any Auto Value location and we'll test it for you right then and there. If all the battery needs is charging,  we will take care of that as well. Please note that dead batteries may require as much as 8–12 hours to fully recharge. Loaner batteries are subject to availability. Any batteries that show signs of freezing will not be tested or charged for safety reasons.

Auto Value is 100% Alberta, Canada Owned & Operated